Rethinking Science and Society

7PM Thursday, December 3, 2009

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Freeman Dyson is famous for his work in solid-state physics, quantum field theory, and nuclear engineering.


Professor Emeritus of Physics Institute for Advanced Study Princeton University

"My book The Sun, the Genome, and the Internet (1999) describes a vision of green technology enriching villages all over the world and halting the migration from villages to megacities. The three components of the vision are all essential: the sun to provide energy where it is needed, the genome to provide plants that can convert sunlight into chemical fuels cheaply and efficiently, the Internet to end the intellectual and economic isolation of rural populations. With all three components in place, every village in Africa could enjoy its fair share of the blessings of civilisation."


Renowned in science circles not only for his rigor and insight, but for his science fiction imaginativeness and populist ethics. Dyson is concerned about the future of mankind, both in the short term and in the very remote future. 

“He puzzles over the meaning of life, the purpose of the universe and the nature of God. In short, he is a philosopher in the broadest sense.”  --  Dr. Roger Penrose, New York Times Book Review



Dyson's recommended books include Disturbing the Universe (1979) and Infinite in All Directions (1989), both among the best books ever written about science and its place in history, public policy, and the exploration of space.