The Metaphysical Disunity
of Science

Dr. John Dupre
University of Exeter

7pm Friday
April 12, 2013

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Dr. John

University of Exeter

John Dupre is a philosopher of biology who has held posts at Oxford, Stanford (for fourteen years), and Birkbeck College, London. In 2006 he held the Spinoza Visiting Professorship at the University of Amsterdam. He is currently Professor of Philosophy at the University of Exeter and Director of the ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society (Egenis). His publications include The Disorder of Things (Harvard, 1993); Human Nature and the Limits of Science (Oxford, 2001); Humans and Other Animals (Oxford, 2002): and Darwin's Legacy: What Evolution Means Today (Oxford, 2003).




Philosophers and scientists for millennia have tried to give us a complete account of the order of things. Dupré systematically attacks the ideal of scientific unity by showing how its underlying assumptions are at odds with the central conclusions of science itself.