Paradigm Shift:
From The New Physics
to The New Philosophy

A New Understanding of
the Nature of Reality
and Our Role in It

Terry Bristol
Institute for Science, Engineering and Public Policy
Portland State University

7:00 pm Thursday
May 18th, 2017


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Terry Bristol
Institute for Science,
Engineering and Public Policy

Terry Bristol is a Philosopher of Science and Engineering who has held teaching positions at Linfield College, Portland State University, and Portland Community College. He has been President of the Institute for Science, Engineering and Public Policy, affiliated with Portland State University since 1987. He graduated from University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Philosophy with an emphasis in the Philosophy of Science. Paul Feyerabend was his Honors Thesis Advisor at Berkeley. He then entered a PhD program at the University of London, working with Imre Lakatos and the 'Karl Popper Group' at the London School of Economics, completing five years of graduate research.

Terry Bristol served as President of the Columbia Willamette Chapter of Sigma Xi (Research Society of America) for several years. He has a number of both scientific and philosophical publications and has made numerous conference presentations. He is an active member of the Philosophy of Science Association, The History of Science Society, the Society for the History of Technology, the Forum on Philosophy, Engineering and Technology, Sigma Xi,The American Philosophical Association, the American Physical Society, and the AAAS.




The new physics called for a coherent post-objectivist Participant Worldview that can both explain (subsume) the successes of all classical mechanics, but in a new (superseding) way.
It has now been nearly 100 years.

What is holding things up? Where is the new theory?